Helpful app of the week: Quickoffice


My favorite aspect of Google Apps is the continuous innovation. We talk about continuous innovation a lot with potential customers but it usually doesn't register, it was never possible before modern Cloud Computing. 

When you move your company to Google Apps, you're moving to a platform that is continuously improving. Many of these improvements are incremental, but others deliver entirely new functionality into your organization. Over the past week, Google has made Quickoffice Pro available, for free, to all Google Apps for Business customers. Google acquired Quickoffice in the middle of last year based on the team's "established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats" and so Google could work "on bringing their powerful technology to the Apps product suite." 

If you frequently work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, you'll definitely want to grab Quickoffice for your smartphone and tablet. If you're leveraging the Google file formats, then you know these are already highly mobile and all you need is your favorite browser.

You can find the Quickoffice versions for Google Apps for Business here: AndroidiPhone & iPad

Quickoffice Pro allows you to create, edit, access, and share your Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations - anytime, anywhere.

You can view more demos for other devices on the Quickoffice YouTube channel

Download Quickoffice to your iOS or Android device, provide your Google Apps for Business credentials and get started!