Get Your Business Online Kansas City!

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Google's Whitney Lemon gave a great presentation this morning at Sporting Park, home of the excellent Sporting Kansas City, as part of Google's Get Your Business Online event series. The event layout was pretty impressive; very organized and professional, from the parking to the event space. Senator Sam Brownback made a guest appearance and, regardless of politics, made some excellent points about the importance of any sized business being online and leveraging the modern Web. 

Kansas City is extremely excited about Google Fiber and rightfully so, but consumers and businesses aren't sure how to leverage today's Web, much less the Web of the future.  Whitney made some excellent recommendations related to Google Analytics, Alerts, Webmaster Tools and AdWords. She also talked about the importance of leverage social media platforms such as Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook among others. 

Whitney also talked about Google Apps for Business, Government and Education/Nonprofit. Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Google Apps provides organizations with some of the basic applications they need to run their business; ideally their online, mobile and social business!  Google Apps is FREE for schools and 501(c)3 nonprofits.

Something that wasn't mentioned during today's event was the Google Apps Marketplace. The Apps Marketplace is a one-stop shop for tools you need to run your business - accounting, project management, customer management - to name a few. You don’t need to download anything - just add to your Google Apps account and use right from your browser.

Most organizations need a little help to get up and running on Google Apps, that's where a partner like Umzuzu comes in! We've moved 10,000s of thousands of people to Google Apps; working with a partner will save you time and money, and most importantly it will ensure you get the best return on your new tools! 

If you don't need services help, it's still a great idea to work with a partner to deploy Google Apps. Umzuzu has access to information, resources and technology that come with working directly with Google for 5+ years. Umzuzu is the only Google Premier Enterprise partner in Kansas City! We can quickly provision Google Apps seats, Google Drive Storage and additional applications.  

Did you attend today's event? Let us know what you thought.