What was Gmail's availability in 2012?

Gmail Large.png


No too shabby. Destination dial tone here we come! 

How about Hosted Exchange and Outlook? Our friends over at Cloud Sherpas did a few calculations and came up with a pretty awesome statistic specific to Microsoft's Exchange Online. 

For every 1 minute of Gmail downtime, Exchange Online is down for 103 minutes!

Why such a drastic difference? Because Exchange and Outlook were designed for a time and world which no longer exist. Before the modern Internet, Web, and global multi-tenant architectures; relatively fragile client-server systems like Exchange and Outlook were the only option. 

Gmail runs on datacenters; thousands of computers. Outlook runs on a little spinning disc inside your PC; 1 computer. You don't need to be a computer scientist to know that thousands of computers across multiple datacenters offers you more power, speed, reliability, flexibility and utility than that old PC that blinks on and off sometimes but you don't know why. 

"But I know Outlook." Who cares! Applications are tools. If you could choose between two hammers, one being 100 times more effective than the other, I doubt your familiarity with your now obsolete hammer would impact your decision. Times change, this is technology we're talking about after all. 

Outlook is inefficient for one person, scale that to a company with dozens, hundreds or thousands of employees and we could be talking about weeks, months and years of lost productivity.  

The comparison between Outlook and Gmail isn't even close, we're talking night and day.  Here are some equivalent comparisons, perhaps one of them will help illustrate how outmatched Outlook is in 2013.