Helpful App of the Week: (Evercontact)


Update 10.22.2013 has been rebranded as


 "Time is money" as the saying goes, but time is worth much more. Time is the scarcest of all resources. Most people would agree that data entry is not an effective use of their time. If you feel the same, is worth a look. 

We have been using for several months and it's proven itself to be very useful. The app automatically reviews Gmail messages for contact information and keeps them up to date in your Google Contacts. For example, if I receive a message from a Google Engineer that I haven't worked with before, will use his or her signature to create a new Contact and add the email, title, phone number, etc.  

While I thought was useful when I first started using it, it's only over a longer period of time that I've realized just how powerful this application can be. Imagine, having perfect contact information for everyone you've communicated with over the past 6 months!