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Andrew McAfee, a principal research scientist at MIT and author, has a great article entitled "What Every CEO Needs to Know about Cloud Computing". Andrew's job is to study how technology is impacting business. It should be required reading for every CEO. 

I have always thought of Cloud Computing as Business First Computing. Cloud Computing is just that, making a business of delivering technology services. Today most IT departments serve a single customer, the business that hired them as staff. They buy the hardware, software and network equipment required to build and support technology services for their single customer. They don't do this because it is more secure or more reliable - they do this because it was the only option. Of course today we have another option. 

Today technology services can be acquired directly. Cloud Computing vendors provide technology services for hundreds, thousands and even 10's of millions of customers. How does the team providing services for one customer compete with the team providing services for millions? Short answer. They don't.

Today Forbe's shared their list of "The 8 Most Important Skills Needed for Cloud Computing Today". What was number one? Business and financial skills - the skills of the CEO. The mission statement of the business should drive strategic decisions. The world's best organizations are the most focused. Cloud computing isn't a silver bullet, it's just better business. And that's all that matters.