Mobile Device Management, There's an App for that



New tablets and smartphones are hitting corporate networks every day. iPhone 5 rumors are big news this week as Apple readies itself for another launch. Mobile device management is an increasingly important service. It's also a service that is included with Google Apps. 

It's worth revisiting all the services customers are now getting for $50 per person per year. 

  • 25 Gigabyte inboxes
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Collaborative Inbox for Customer Service and Technical Support teams
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing with up 10 people simultaneously
  • Remote desktop 
  • 5 Gigabytes of file storage per person including desktop and mobile sync
  • Intranet, extranet and team sites 
  • Instant messaging via text, voice, and video
  • SMS and telephone calling
  • Individual, team and public calendaring
  • Native apps for iOS and Android

You could find most of those services listed elsewhere at $50 EACH per MONTH. Google Apps also includes Mobile Device Management to help address some of the challenges organizations are facing as new mobile devices hit their networks. What's included with Google Apps to meet these challenges? 

  • Require users to set passwords
  • Enforce minimum password strength
  • Enforce password duration/expiration
  • Number of expired passwords which are blocked
  • Automatically lock the device
  • Number of invalid password attempts before the device is wiped 
  • Encrypt data on device
  • Allow camera
  • Remote wipe 


So you are either leveraging Google Apps, or your organization is overpaying for just about every technology service you're using. Besides overspending, you're also missing out on increased productivity across the entire organiation. Forrester puts the Return on Investment of Google Apps at 391% - end user producitivty gains were greater than IT cost savings! Are you ready to get your cloud on yet?