Who's Gone Google lately?

Making the choice to Go Google with Google Apps for Business, Government or Education is an important decision. We understand it is a decision people do not enter into lightly. Organizations have a responsibility to fully evaluate all of their options. More than 4 million businesses have made the move to Google Apps, sometimes knowing who has already decided to Go Google can be comforting and enlightening. 

So who's decided to make the move to Google Apps recently? 

  • The Federal Government's Department of the Interior is moving 90,000 employees to Google Apps for Government
  • The City of St. Louis is moving thousands of city employees to Google Apps for Government 
  • The State of Colorado is moving 26,000 Executive Branch employees to Google Apps for Government
  • Sompo, the largest property insurance firm in Japan, is moving 30,000 employees to Google Apps for Business
  • BBVA, a global financial services firm, is moving 110,000 employees to Google Apps for Business
  • Celestica, a supply chain solutions firm, is moving 19,000 employees to Google Apps for Business
  • The City of Edmonton is moving 9,000 city employees to Google Apps

This is just a tiny fraction of the businesses Going Google, more than 5,000 businesses join Google Apps everyday!  

Multitenant cloud computing applications democratize technology. With legacy and outdated technologies, like Microsoft Exchange 2010 or Office 365, the organization with thousands of employees will spend millions on their messaging infrastructure and a few years from now, they'll do it all over again. Small and medium sized organizations simply can not afford to spend millions on services like messaging, so inevitably corners are cut, and they will have less robust systems than their relatively rich, larger counterparts. Not with Google Apps. The business with 200 employees on Google Apps gets all the security, redundancy, mobile device management, disaster recovery, and functionality as the firm with 200,000 employees and revenues in the billions - for the first time in the history of information technology.  

Google Apps for Business and Government is $50 per user per year. Google Apps for Education is free.