Getting the Most from Gmail

The world's best software is inherently taken for granted. Great software stays out of the way so you can get to work (or play). Over the past 8 years, Gmail has become an incredibly popular application for consumers and businesses - more than 40,000,000 people use Gmail at work! Gmail is one of the best Web apps in the world. It packs tons of functionality, speed, security and works great across all your devices. 

These tips can help your business get the most out of Gmail.  

  • Learn how to use search. It's Google! Of course Gmail has great search. Search by names, dates, email addresses, a word anywhere in the message and more. Search gigabytes of mail in less than a second.  
  • Use keyboard shortcuts. It only takes a few minutes to learn a few keyboard shortcuts and they will save you tons of time. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate around your inbox, compose and send messages, and much more. Press "shift" and "?" from your inbox to enable or review the shortcuts.
  • Try changing display density and themes. I have my display density set to "Compact" and my Theme set to "High Contrast". I think this combination provides a great deal of information that is also easy to read.  
  • Use Filters to automate workflow. Filters can automate all types of work. They can automatically label emails coming from a particular person or source, they can automatically reply with a Canned Response, they can Star the message and mark it as important. Filters are super easy to set up and you can create one from any Search.



  • Try out different Inbox types. Gmail offers 5 different inbox types. You can view them all by clicking on the carrot next to your Inbox label. Try out Classic, Important First, Unread First, Starred First or Priority Inbox. See which Inbox Type works best for your workflow. You can switch instantly from one type to another as often as you would like. 



  •  Check out Gmail Labs. Labs offer all types of useful features. Preview documents, insert a view of your calendar, enabled Canned Responses, use Search to search not only your Inbox but also Docs and Sites, use Message Sneak Peak to quickly look at a message without opening it and much, much more. You can find Labs in Settings. 

You don't need Outlook or Exchange 2010 in 2012. Today, the Web rules. If you have any questions or need help, you can always reach us at Do you have a favorite tip? Share it below.