Hurricane Sandy no match for Google Apps



Hurricane Sandy impacted millions of families, including our own, and millions of businesses. One of the fundamental benefits of cloud computing is that a business is no longer dependent on their network - employees only need a network, any Internet connected device, to access their communication services, documents, schedules, etc.  

Employees of companies leveraging outdated client-server products like Outlook and Exchange quickly turned to their personal Gmail accounts to keep the communications flowing. Many businesses lost access to their phone systems, here again Gmail's calling, video and voice chat kept communications going. Today business is global. Certainly partners and customers empathize with businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy but the sooner you are up and running, or at least communicating updates, the better.   

When you leverage Google Apps, you're not leveraging a server. You are leveraging a fleet of data centers working together as a team. Each data center provides levels of redundancy unprecedented for any business and especially unprecedented for a small business. 

Hosted Exchange provides benefits over on-premises Exchange but you're still leveraging a client-server product with all its limitations. You simply become completely reliant on their network. Google Apps on the other hand provides geo redundancy of data centers and networks. If a data center goes down it's not a problem, the others simply pick up the slack.

Hurricane Sandy and this nor'easter give businesses plenty of things to worry about, you shouldn't have to worry about email, documents, voice calls, etc. If you're a small business owner impacted by Hurricane Sandy and would like to learn more about cloud computing and Google Apps for Business please drop us a note in the next few weeks at We will provide complementary implementation and training services.