It's going to be a Google Gadget Christmas

It is a little known fact that Google is one of the top 5 server manufactures in the world. In fact Google's entire ~$50,000,000,000 business runs on custom hardware, software, networks and data centers. In short, Google is a serious player in the hardware business, they just happen to use it all for themselves. But with a healthy ecosystem, including the likes of Samsung, and the purchase of Motorola Mobility; Google is becoming a very serious player in the consumer hardware business. 

In fact, only Apple can match Google's device offerings. We thought it would be fun to provide an overview of Google's current lineup. If you'd like more review information for any of these devices please contact us at 


Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung, starting at $199 and $249 respectively. 


The Samsung Chromebox




Google continues to grow its Nexus line of smartphones. The Nexus 4 (LG) follows the Galaxy Nexus (Samsung) and Nexus One (HTC) devices. 



Google's tablets also take on the Nexus branding and include the 7" Nexus 7 with ASUS and 10" Nexus 10 with Samsung, starting at $199 and $399 respectively. The Nexus 7 in particular has recieved tremendous reviews and been named gadget of the year by T3, a gadget-centric blog. 


Google Apps frees you and your team from being tied to any one device. Today you can work and play anywhere, anytime and on any device.