100% of TechCrunch Disrupt Companies have Gone Google

This week in San Francisco, 31 companies are competing at TechCruch Disrupt. This event allows some of the most exciting new companies on the planet to compete for the attention of investors, partners and customers. 

Yesterday, we learned 61 out of 100 of the top universities in the United States leverage Google Apps for Education. Today we decided to review the MX records of the 31 companies competing this week at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference. We had a hunch they'd overwhelmingly be Google Apps for Business customers and sure enough all 31 had MX records referencing Google's messaging systems. 

Why would these companies leverage Google Apps? 

  • They're poised for explosive growth. With the right team, strong execution, and a healthy amount of luck these companies could see triple digit or higher levels of growth in the coming months. They need systems that can expand to meet their needs just as quickly.  
  • They need to collaborate in real time. These new companies are learning and changing on the fly - they need applications that move just as fast. 
  • They're mobile. You don't worry about syncing Facebook with your smartphone or tablet - it just works. Our messaging and collaboration Apps need to work just as easily. 
  • They're no strategic advantage to supporting Outlook or Exchange. Every second messing with a server or desktop app is time wasted. In today's marketplace, there's no time to waste.  
  • Known costs. Google Apps is a service. Security, reliability, disaster recovery, mobile support and more are all included so these firms can avoid unexpected costs. 


The 31 companies at TechCrunch Disrupt represent some of the most innovative new businesses in the world. They're working to change the status quo in their field. They use Google Apps so they have Apps that are innovating just as fast. They don't have time to compromise, they need the best modern technology has to offer.