Taking Gmail to the Next Level

You have been using Gmail for a while now. You love its ease of use, ease of access across any Internet connected device and you love not having to worry about syncing mail, calendar or contacts. When you use Google Apps, your data revolves around you instead of your desktop. You know you have a lot more power at your finger tips with Google Apps, now you want to know how to wield your new found abilities. 

Experts often talk about the cost benefits of Google Apps and cloud computing can save your business, school, government agency or nonprofit tons of dough but as important, if not more important, Google Apps can save you and employees tons of time too!

You can find many tips and trick online. Below are several time saving tips you can't pass up.

Keyboard Shortcuts will save you hours of time every month. Keyboard shortcuts can be turned on in your General Settings and enable you to begin composing a message with the stroke of a single key. You can quickly navigate through your mail, select messages, archive, delete and leverage dozens of other functions in seconds. Trust us when we say you won't miss your mouse.

Leverage Gmail's Priority Inbox or pick from one of the other four options to find the style that works best for you!



Learn some of the Search Operators. You can sort and find messages based on who they're from, if they have attachments, when they were sent, or all of these factors combined. Why should you have to remember what folder you might have put it in or even worry about what folders you should have at all. Use search to find any message you want!

Yes, Google Apps is less expensive than legacy options from Microsoft, IBM and others but the best benefits come from the additional functionality it offers to the business.