Google is coming to Kansas City, Again!

Yesterday was another great day for Kansas City. Google announced the second community to be part of the Google Fiber for Communities program would be Kansas City, Missouri! The 1 GB (1025 MB) fiber infrastructure was announced for Kansas City, Kansas in March. The Google service in Kansas City will provide bidirectional 1 GB speeds, uploading and downloading. For residential customers these upload speeds are more than 1,000 times faster than their current service and on average are several hundred times faster than what schools, businesses and government agencies work with today. 

This is tremendous news for the Kansas City community - especially for schools which will receive free access to the network. This 1 GB fiber connection combined with the Chromebook program for schools and Google Apps for Education can provide Kansas City students, faculty and staff with the truly state of the art computing experience they deserve. Google also provides Google Apps for Education free to schools which has become the most popular messaging service at the University level and is extremely popular at the K-12 levels as well. 

It was about one year ago Umzuzu worked with dozens of other people, companies and government officials on Kansas City Missouri's application to receive Google Fiber. The application process itself was a great use case in collaboration with more than 100 individuals collaborating on Google Docs. Google has a great deal to offer Kansas City and we know the community is going to make excellent use of this investment in the infrastructure of tomorrow. Kansas City will soon be home to the world's fastest Internet connection - what other firsts can we create with our new asset?