Google+ Hangouts in Action

Umzuzu moved our first client to Google Apps in 2006, at that time the cloud computing service only included Gmail for Business. Since that initial deployment this customer has received hundreds of new features and about 60 completely new applications. They never had to work through any upgrade projects, purchase or upgrade any servers, continuously maintain and backup any software or do anything beyond refreshing their web browser. The Google Apps suite constantly innovates - it's never sitting still, it's always improving, always getting stronger, always moving at the speed of the web - the speed of today. 

One of the recent additions to the Google Apps suite is Google+, a suite of social and sharing applications available to any organization running Apps. One of our favorite parts of Google+ is called Hangouts. Yesterday we were collaborating with a client team with employees all over the country. They had traditionally conducted these meetings the same way most companies do, with a conference call. This meeting though would be different, it would even be fun! 

Google Hangouts let up to any 10 people video conference simultaneously. You can also share your screen, take collaborative notes as a group (which was amazing to watch) and even conference in a telephone for the person away from their desk. 

Just a few years ago the type of functionality in Hangouts was only available to the world's richest businesses. Now it's available to any sized business, school, government agency or nonprofit. The world is changing and the nature of business is changing. Are your applications keeping up or frozen in time? Hint: It's not 2010 anymore!