What do your employees want for Christmas?


Today there are about 70 applications included with Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Government and Google Apps for Education. When Umzuzu moved our first business to Google Apps in 2006, there was one, Gmail for Business. Every year that customer has gotten dozens of new features in time for Christmas without buying more software, updating servers or worrying about migration projects. It didn't even matter if they were naughty or nice - all they needed was their favorite web browser.  

In 2006 there was no iPhone, no Android phones and certainly no mobile tablets. But in June 2007 all of that changed. In 2007 the iPhone was released and about one year later, Android. Last Christmas millions of people received iPads for Christmas and millions more will unwrap Apple's iPad 2 this year. Today Android devices are being activated at more than half a million EVERY DAY! The entire world of technology continues to innovate and change, are your business Apps keeping up? 

If your employees already have the gadgets, what can you give them? If it takes more than a few seconds or minutes to set up a new mobile device with your email, calendar and documents, you need new Apps. If your employees can't take advantage of that front facing camera on their phone or tablet to video chat with their co-workers, you need new Apps. If your executive team can't access all their data on their new MacBook Air, you need new Apps. If everyone can't share and edit Docs from any device, you need new Apps. If it's more difficult to access your data from home than it is at the office, you need new Apps. If your email isn't the most reliable service you use, you need new Apps. If you have any doubt you have the best security, spam and virus protection in the world, you need new Apps! If you're not sure what would happen to your data in a flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, or other disaster, you need new Apps

Give yourself and your employees new Apps this Christmas! Watch their productivity soar as they take full advantage of their newest toys. For your New Year's resolution challenge yourself to embrace modern computing and push yourself to look beyond the limits of the desktop - there's so much waiting. Heck, work in 2012 might even be fun! And the best part? These Apps keep on giving (updates weekly!) so you'll be giving yourself new features and new Apps for the rest of the year!