Why we love Chromebooks

We have been getting a lot of questions about Chromebooks lately. We love Chromebooks, but what makes them so great? 

First, it's important to understand modern computing. When you leverage a modern web app like Gmail, you're not using the processing power on your computer to do the heavy lifting. When you use Gmail you're leveraging hundreds of computers and even multiple data centers simultaneously. This is difficult to fully appreciate and when we hear "computer", most of us think of a stand-alone device. But in a world with the Internet this idea of a computer is wrong. There are thousands of computers and dozens of data centers at your disposal - the most important role of the device on your desk is to bring these resources to your finger tips.

What are the most exciting features of Chromebooks?   

Verified Boot

Every time you start a Chromebook it starts "fresh" by leveraging a process called Verified Boot. When you buy most computers they work great for a while but over time they get slow, your not sure why - it just happens. True geeks reinstall the operating system, most commonly Windows, frequently to keep the machine as snappy as possible. Most people don't have the time or desire to reinstall the OS. Verified Boot is like starting up a brand new computer each time you start the Chromebook. Chromebooks don't slow down and like Gmail, they don't become outdated over time but only become better as Google rolls out continuous improvements. This same process protects the device from viruses and other mal ware - the device starts fresh each and every time.


How long does it take to start and set-up a Chromebook out of the box? 8 seconds. If you lose a Chromebook, how long does it take to restore your data on a new Chromebook? 8 seconds. 

Web Apps! 

The Google Apps suite of tools includes more than 60 applications. How many applications does your business use now? The Google Apps Marketplace had hundreds of business-centric applications. Salesforce.com's AppExchange has hundreds more. You can create a web site with Squarespace. MailChimp is ready to help with your email marketing. GQueues is full-featured task manager ready to get to work. Box.net is ready for your content. Linkedin's network is waiting for you to get more involved. There are thousands of enterprise-grade web apps just waiting to be leveraged. 

Chromebooks are ready to go to work!