How many businesses use Google Apps?


4 million businesses leverage Google Apps and more than 5,000 sign up every day! Google Apps is leveraged across every industry by businesses of all sizes. 

Why has Google Apps become so popular? 

  • Pure cloud architecture. You don't need to be an expert in cloud computing to understand how it should work. Just like, Google Apps offer extreme reliability across any device with a web browser. Cloud apps work when and where you want them to as you, rather than your computer, become the center of your computing experience
  • No more patches! Google Apps are always up to date so IT can spend their time on more strategic opportunities. 
  • Automatic updates. When you buy software like Exchange 2010 or Outlook, it quickly becomes outdated. In fact it's already outdated, it's almost 2012! The Google Apps suite receives new features and functionality continuously without any additional investment from customers. 
  • Spam and Viruses? Not from Gmail. Someone sends an infected email or file and Gmail won't even let you open it up! 
  • Backups? Taken care of automatically and with 25 GB of storage you never have to delete an email again. 
  • Secure connection from anywhere. Sick of messing with VPN connections? Google Apps sessions are encrypted automatically just like online banking. 
  • Ultra reliability. Gmail's uptime for 2010? 99.984% Not even billion dollar companies can run Exchange Servers with that much uptime. 

Google Apps allow a business of any size access to the best applications in the world. Google Apps have become so popular because they "just work" and rather than becoming outdated over time, they continuously improve. IT didn't bring the iPhone or iPad into the business and if they're not leveraging Google Apps maybe they need your help again.